SA Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme

Who is eligible?

South Australian businesses and households may be able to access discounted or free energy efficiency activities.

Commercial / Industrial premises

Businesses may be eligible for free or REES-discounted LED tube and/or highbay replacements.

  • Eligible businesses are those which have not had a REES upgrade undertaken at their address before.
  • Maximum of 900 GJ REES credits available per site.
  • To take advantage of these offers, products must be accredited and installed by an AGL REES-accredited electrician.


Households may be eligible for free retrofit energy products and/or REES-discounted products such as hot water and LED downlights.

Low income households may also be able to receive an energy audit.

REES household activities cannot be be undertaken twice at the same address, except where:

  • The occupant has changed and the lights or standby power controllers are no longer in the house; and / or
  • Not all halogen downlights have been replaced in a previous visit.

Government-owned Public or Community residential premises

For Government-owned Public or Community residential premises, the following REES activities can be delivered, subject to any necessary landlord permission:

  • Building sealing activities
  • Replacement of inefficient lamps with more efficient lamps
  • Replacement of inefficient showerheads with more efficient units
  • Installation of standby power controllers
  • Installation of an energy efficient gas heater or air conditioner (tenant alteration only*)
  • Fridge and freezer retirement
  • Installation of pool pumps
  • Installation and replacement of ductwork (tenant alteration only)

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*Tenant alterations refer to alterations, additions or any other improvements to the property organised by the tenant at the tenant’s expense subject to any necessary landlord permission.

For more information on the South Australian Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), please go to the Essential Services Commission of SA website at