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Energy efficiency activities for the home

On average, lighting accounts for between 8 – 15% of the average household energy budget, hot water up to 25% and standby power around 3%.^*


AGL, particularly through the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), could assist you with reducing your energy consumption by replacing your inefficient devices or undertaking a home energy assessment.
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AGL customers can now track their energy usage through our Energy App.  This is available for all residential and small business AGL energy customers. To get started, simply download the app and login with your AGL My Account details. Then you’re all ready to go.


For more information on ways AGL can help you reduce your household energy consumption, please click the links below.




Home energy assessment (Priority Group Households only)


Hot Water Replacement

^Standby power refers to the electric power consumed by electronic and electrical appliances while they are switched off at the appliance or in a standby mode. See the South Australian Government website for more information.
*South Australian Government your energy savings – Getting started