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Free LED lighting upgrade

Replace your old commercial lighting with efficient, money-saving LEDs

Are downlights and fluoro tubes eating up your electricity budget?

At AGL, we’re committed to giving our customers value for money. As part of the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), our partner, Trades Services SA (TSSA), can help replace the lighting at your business premises with modern, energy efficient LEDs.


The REES is a South Australian government initiative to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses not only save on lighting replacement costs, but benefit from reduced electricity bills and a lower carbon footprint, too.  Upgrades to high-bay lighting are also available.


Contact Trades Services SA  using the form or by telephone for a free, no obligation quote.

To assist this process, please download and complete the Commercial Lighting Checklist to include in your submission.

Make the switch to LED

Two available upgrades:


Halogen downlights to LED

Halogen downlights to LED up to 380 lights upgraded worth up to $7,030#


Fluorescent to LED tubes

Fluorescent to LED tubes up to 360 lights replaced worth up to $8,100*

Looking for more efficient lighting options? Contact us to see how we could help.

Upgrading to LED lighting is a fast way to reduce electricity consumption. LEDs use up to 75% less energy than traditional commercial lighting^, to help your business save on power while maintaining a safe and productive workplace.


In order to take advantage of the offers on this website, your business must be an existing AGL small business customer.


Other offers available for non-AGL customers and large energy users.  Please contact our REES Partner, Trades Services SA for further details.

Which businesses are eligible?

REES lighting upgrades are available to businesses that:

  • Consume up to 160 MWh in electricity per year (larger energy users may still be eligible on payment of a fee)
  • Can obtain permission from the premise’s landlord
  • Have existing fluorescent magnetic ballast lights and/or halogen downlights installed
  • Are available for a site inspection with a minimum of 20 lights for upgrade
  • Do not require the lights to be repositioned.

Inspection and installation Terms and Conditions

*A free standard installation requires that the site is in good electrical working condition – for instance, the switchboard, electrical cabling and lighting sockets are all operating compliantly.  A standard installation usually includes a free scissor lift (value $550).

  • Quantity may vary depending on commercial environment. The 360 quantity cap is based on an air conditioned Retail or Storage area; other environments may be eligible for more or less light fittings. Contact the TSSA team to discuss how many lights you may be eligible for.
  • Charges may apply for non-standard installations, switchboard upgrade, wiring upgrade and/or certain distances from Adelaide.
  • All offers are available in metropolitan and greater-Adelaide surrounds until 30/11/20 or until they are withdrawn, whichever is earlier.
  • Regional locations may be subject to availability of a TSSA representative. Contact TSSA to find out if TSSA operates in your area.
  • Offer is subject to site inspection, with a compulsory minimum of 20 lights eligible for upgrade. Installation costs will depend on adequate power supply for replacing existing lights in the same location. Any switchboard work or upgrades will incur additional charges. Additional charges may apply if a nonstandard scissor lift is required or access requires additional equipment/tools.
  • Non-working lights may need to be replaced to comply with AS/NZS1680; they may be replaced at market rates and they are not eligible for the REES rebate.
  • New installations which do not involve replacing existing lights are not eligible for the REES rebate and will be charged at market rates. Any additional parts or materials will incur additional charges.
  • Offers are for the replacement of existing magnetic ballast fluorescent tubes with LED tubes in the same location, and/or for the replacement of existing downlights in the same location.
  • All replaced lighting will be removed from site and recycled by TSSA.
  • REES only allows for a maximum of 1800 GJ REES credits to be generated  per site.
  • All REES energy credits created under this offer must be assigned to AGL. For this offer to be valid, TSSA must supply and install the lighting.
  • Large business customers (those where the National Meter Identifier (NMI) / site consumes upwards of 160 MWh of electricity per annum) are required to contribute a minimum of $1.40 per GJ (incl. GST) saved by the upgrade.  Small businesses do not have to pay this statutory fee.

Our trusted REES partner, Trades Services SA

Our partner, Trades Services SA (TSSA), has been involved in the REES since it commenced in 2009.


TSSA is the largest creator of energy-saving credits and has the highest compliance standards under the scheme.


In 2017, TSSA saved more than 800,000GJ of energy under the REES. That’s a carbon offset equivalent to planting 2.7 million trees.


TSSA will arrange a time with you for a site assessor to come to your premises to assess your needs and eligibility  You can contact them by submitting the online form, calling 1300 430 917 or emailing

^See the Department of Environment and Energy website,

#Product value based on RRP of $18.50 for an Emerald Planet LED 5W downlight, and RRP of $22.50 for an Emerald Planet 12W LED tube.