energy assessment

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LED Light Upgrades

for your business.^


LED Light Upgrades

for your business.^


Free energy

saving products.^

SA Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)

Here’s a great way to help small business operators and households to minimise their energy costs.

One way that you can save on energy costs is through the South Australian Government’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).
The REES offers incentives for eligible South Australian households and businesses to save energy by providing selected free and discounted energy saving products.
You don’t have to be an AGL customer to take advantage of these offers!^
Contact our partner, Trades Services SA (TSSA) on 1300 430 917 or 1800 986 921 or email rees@tssa.com.au to discuss your eligibility.

Commercial / Industrial Premises
(small and large customers*)

Fluoro to LED upgrades for your business

High-bay LED replacements

Up to 900 GJ REES replacement equivalent per site

Commercial showerheads

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Energy efficiency review of your home (Priority Group Households only)

Home retrofits – LED lights, low flow shower heads, standby power controllers, chimney balloons

Hot water replacement – Solar or Gas

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^These offers are provided as part of the REES and are only available to eligible premises which have not already had energy saving devices installed under REES.
All REES energy credits created by energy efficiency improvements made to your premises under these offers must be assigned to AGL.
*Small business customers are those where the site consumes 160 MWh and under per annum. Large business customers are also eligible for REES commercial lighting upgrades, but must pay a minimum of $1.40 per GJ (inc GST) equivalent for the upgrade. For more information on the REES, please go to the Essential Services Commission of SA website