SA Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme

Are you eligible for free energy products?^

You could be eligible for over $250 in product value free#, plus annual electricity savings of around $570*.

Products available to eligible households include:

  • LED A bulbs
  • AV and IT standby power controllers
  • Water saving showerheads
  • Chimney balloons

Co-contribution retrofits:

The following products are also eligible under REES, but require a co-contribution from the home owner.

  • Replacing halogen downlights with efficient non-dimmable or dimmable downlights.
  • Click here to view our offer on solar hot water system.
  • Click here to view our offer on gas hot water system.

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Terms & Conditions
^Only available to eligible households who have not already had energy saving devices installed under REES. All energy credits created by energy efficiency improvements made to your home under this offer must be assigned to AGL. Offer available until 31/12/2018 or unless the REES is suspended.

As a resident of a rental property you may be eligible, although for some recommended energy efficiency activities on offer you may need to obtain the permission of the landlord or landlord’s agent before products are installed.

# *  Product value is based on RRP for:

10 x Emerald Planet 8W LED A bulbs at $7.00 (ex GST)
1 Emerald Planet IT Standby Power Controller  at $38.46 (ex GST)
2 x Emerald Planet AV Standby Power Controller  at $280 (ex GST)
Manly 7L low flow showerhead at $28.00 (ex GST)

*Savings calculations are based on a home in Adelaide with:

10 x 60W incandescent light fittings replaced with 8W LED A-Bulbs (assumed light usage at average of 3 hours per day). Light globe replacement savings estimated at $238 per year.
2 x AV standby power controllers installed, each saving approximately $135 per year in standby power, and 1 IT standby power controller saving approximately $38 per year on energy.
1 Manly 7L Showerhead installed, savings and product value ($45).

Total Savings and product value estimated to be $872.

Savings calculations are based on usage rate of 41.8c/kWh in Metropolitan Adelaide as at 1 July 2017 (excluding usage charges and any fees) inclusive of GST.

* Priority households are those where a person lives who holds one of the following current concession cards:

  • Pension Concession;
  • TPI or War Widows Gold Repatriation Health Card; or
  • Gold Repatriation Health Card (EDA)


  • Is eligible to participate in an Energy Retailer Hardship / Energy Concession program (for instance, AGL Staying Connected Program
  • Is a recipient of the South Australian Government Energy Concession; or
  • Has been referred from a registered member of the South Australian Financial Counsellors Association (SAFCA).